Custom Temperature Conversion

Whenever one visits a website, and fills out a form, the last thing they want is for all their information to be lost to the aether because of one minor error. Too many forms are badly designed trifle that erase all you enter just because of one error. Sign in forms being the most notorious culprit. And registration forms giving the most drastic penalty.

This is why the concept of 'sticky forms' exist.

This form is designed so that even the most minor error won't result in the loss of all data upon submission. Just enter three numbers to generate a table that converts temperatures from Celsius to Fahrenheit. Once the table loads, the data from the form will not be erased, unless you made an error. And even then, you'll only lose the error.

It's the best way to design forms in my mind, since no one likes to enter the same thing twice in a given hour.

Naturally, this form also tests for errors, and is designed to check for every possible error imaginable. Entering nothing, entering text, entering a negative increment, entering an increment of zero, and entering a start temperature that's higher than the ending temperature. It also checks if the user wants to run over 100 calculations, since not capping the number of calculations would likely set the server on fire.